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Midea Built-In Induction Hob 60CM - Black Glass

Midea Built-In Induction Hob 60CM - Black Glass

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Our induction cooktop enhances cooking efficiency, offering considerably shorter cooking durations than conventional gas stovetops. This is achieved by heating only the required area in each zone, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution. The selection of cooking zones and adjustment of power, which scales up to nine levels, is effortlessly managed with our intuitive touch controls.

Boost Feature Activate the boost mode to rapidly achieve maximum heat, ideal for boiling water swiftly.

Child Safety Lock Engage this feature to prevent unintended activation, enhancing safety.

Power Management The power management feature allows for the setting of a maximum power limit during setup, ensuring energy efficiency and safety.

Midea Model MIH740F125K0
Product Name Induction Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Black glass
Main features
Energy management Yes
Boost function Yes
Plate power indicator Yes
Touch control Yes
Pan Sensor Yes
Power indicator Yes
Electronic timer Yes
Power levels 9
Voltage 220-240
Maximum power 7400
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) 590 x 520 x 62 mm
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