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Midea Compact & Tankless Under-Sink Water Filtration System

Midea Compact & Tankless Under-Sink Water Filtration System

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This Midea reverse osmosis purifier makes drinking water clean by removing tiny harmful things like chlorine, lead, nitrates, arsenic, and glyphosate. It works by using more pressure than the natural pulling force in liquids to push water through a special filter. This filter lets water go through but keeps out bad stuff. It doesn't just stop particles based on their size; it also works because it only lets water-loving molecules through, keeping away bacteria, heavy metals, and dissolved salts.

Its sleek design means it doesn't take up much room under your sink and cuts down on the need for lots of parts and pieces by 80% compared to regular purifiers, making it less likely to leak and easier to take care of.

Taking care of it is easy too, because of the special filters that are simple to change when they run out, shown by a clear sign. These filters are designed to be swapped without making a mess. Plus, this purifier still works even if the power goes out.

Midea Model MWPJ600
Main features
Water purification efficiency 2:1
RO membrane flow 600G
Filter level 5
Flow rate (l/min) 1.5 L
Water pressure range 0.1-0.4 MPa
Installation method under sink without tank
Outlet temperature water at room temperature
Nominal net water volume 3,500 L
Filter principle Reverse Osmosis
Rated power 60W
Temperature range 4-38°C
Product Dimensions 410 x 138 x 380 (mm)

Filtration Stages
PP - dust, sediment, sand, rust
ACTIVATED CARBON chlorine and microorganisms
RO - viruses, bacteria and heavy metals
UF - bacteria, colloids, microorganisms
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