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Midea Under-Sink 4 Stage Water Filtration System

Midea Under-Sink 4 Stage Water Filtration System

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This water purifier can clean 600 gallons and has a maximum flow rate of 1.5 liters per minute. It uses a 5-step filtration process and has two water outlets for different needs. The system produces more water than it wastes, with a ratio of 1.5 parts clean water to 1 part waste, making more than 60% of the water usable and achieving top-notch efficiency. It uses a special water-saving technology to make water faster while using less energy and water. You should change the RO (reverse osmosis) filter every 24 months and the PCB filter every 12 months. Its slim design takes up less space at only 138mm wide. Changing filters is easy thanks to its side-pull design. It also has a side light to check the machine's status and filter life. You can connect it to Wi-Fi and monitor water quality and filter status on your phone through a Smart Home app.

  • Only 2 filters that are simple to replace
  • Space-saving and doesn't need a tank
  • Wi-Fi compatible
Filtration Stages
PP - dust, sediment, sand, rust
ACTIVATED CARBON chlorine and microorganisms
RO - viruses, bacteria and heavy metals
UF - bacteria, colloids, microorganisms

Midea Mode MWPMRO2041
Main features
Power 30 W
Purification capacity 7.9L/h
Storage tank capacity 6 L
First stage filtration and duration PP 3600L
Second stage filtration and duration C 3600L
Third stage filtration and RO duration 7200L
Fourth stage filtration and duration C2 3600L
Water temperature for use 4-38°C
Allowable Water Pressure 0.10.4 MPa
(without pump and off > 0.2MPa)
Inlet water temperature 4?38°C
Inlet Water Purity Support (TDS) ? 350
Water supply speed 7.9 litres/hour
Chlorine reduction capacity (%) ? 90
Dimensions (W x D x H)  206 x 273 x 380 mm

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